How much does delivery cost?

Delivery of boxes, containers and pallets is 30 euro for a small parcel to 50 euro for a pallet to anywhere in Ireland.

How long does delivery take?

Generally, good are delivered within a 10 day delivery period from receipt of payment.

How are the goods shipped?

We endeavour to supply the best service possible at the lowest cost available. We use a number of carriers depending on cost and lead time. These range from Birds, Target and DHL.

Do you carry stock?

Most of the items in our special offer page are in stock in Wexford.

Are boxes and containers available in different colours?

All our items are available in different colours. See product details for options available or contact us for details.

How long does it take for colours to be updated?

This all depends on how busy the factories are at the time. Please contact for more details.

What type of text is available?

The standard text is Arial and it is available in 12mm (half inch) or 25mm (1 inch) depending on the print area available. Logo blocks can use any typeface.

Is the product suitable for all industries including food?

All our products are manufactured in food grade material unless stated. The two types we use are PP and PE in virgin format, so all can be used in any industry.

What is PE and PP?

PE is a tough, rigid and harder Thermoplastic which has good impact strength at lower temperatures while PP is a co-polymer thermoplastic which has excellent impact strength, shape retention and hard surface finish. Please contact us if you have any further questions.

Is there a temperature range for these products?

Yes there is, PE is compatible with temperatures ranging from -30C to +60C and PE will function from -20C to +80 C.

Small order charge

All orders below EUR300 are subject to a EUR50 small order charge.

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