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IBC Irish Box company Magnum Optimum Optishute® and Magnum Optimum Hopper® are the ideal foldable large container solution for dispensing small parts. The
Magnum Optimum Optishute® features a special sliding door that enables the regulated flow of all types of caps and closures. The Magnum Optimum Hopper® features a special hopper base which eliminates packaging waste and removes the need for liners, a separate pallet base or cardboard frames. The wide opening in the hopper base (350x220mm for 1210 and 286x186mm for 1208 versions) enables 100% control on the flow of all types of parts - including caps, closures and accessories – meaning that they can be unloaded in evenly dispensed volumes and fully controlled quantities.
External max length (L): 1200 mm
External max width (W): 1000 mm
External max height (H): 1210 mm
Internal Usable Height (Hi): 1000 mm
Internal min Width (Wi): 940 mm
Internal min Length (Li): 1140 mm
Net weight kg: 72 kg
Usable Volume: 968 L
Individual Load Capacity: 500 kg
Max Static Load on Bottom Product of a
2220 kg
Max Dynamic Load on Bottom Product of a
1100 kg
Incremental Stack Height Folded (H2a): 505 mm
Incremental stack height (Ha): 1180 mm
Base Type: Hopper
Long side wall type: solid
Short side wall type: solid
Handgrips Longside: 1 per long side
Handgrips Shortside: 1 per short side
Drain Holes: 0
Type Lid: Dust cover Drop on
Suitable for automated handling: No
Main Material:
PP POM PE (Label Holder) Metal bolt
(OptiFrame) HDPE
Min Temp resistant: -20 °C
Max Temp resistant: 40 °C
Standard Colours: 502 Grey RAL 7040
UN certified: No
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