Loadhog Pallet Lid

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Loadhog Pallet Lid

The most secure, versatile and cost effective method of securing the load on a pallet, no banding or stretch wrap required.

This robust pallet securing solution was the first ever product to be moulded within our factory walls. The retractable straps with an integrated tensioning mechanism allow for fast waste free pallet security. With various sizes available our Pallet Lid range provides increased efficiency gains for many supply chains across Europe. Adopted highly within the automotive industry we have worked on a number of projects with automotive OEMs and 1st and 2nd tier suppliers. Our system is an efficient, cost effective solution for inbound car parts and after sales parts distribution.

When the Half-Euro Pallet Lid is combined with the Pally, this system provides a better footprint than a roll cage as well as better maneuverability. The Lid’s surface design also provides a stable footprint for double stacking a pallet which substantially increases vehicle fill and provides flexible organisation and storage of goods in the warehouse.

The lid is also massively used within the retail and postal industries; providing speed and efficiency in DC’s, in warehouses, in transit and in store. When combined with a container that suits your application whether it be Attached Lid Container, Collapsible Container, Large Bulk Container or Stack & Nest Container, the solution with highest supply chain efficiency gains is realized.


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