Straight Wall Container SW120705F1

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Straight Wall Containers deliver total cost savings and efficiency throughout the supplier-to-manufacturer material handling process.  Our stack-only modular containers are ideal for closed loop shipping, in-process handling and storage applications where the same containers are used throughout.

Features and Benefits

  • Containers cube 48" x 45" pallets
  • Reinforced sides and bottoms enhance product protection
  • Interworking sizes allow mixed stacking on a pallet
  • Perimeter dust skirt on select sizes for added product protection
  • Compatible with other brands to expand your existing system
  • Ergonomic handles for easy lifting
  • Injection-molded HDPE construction resists impact, moisture and most chemicals
  • Use with temperatures of -20˚ to 120˚ F
  • Customization and identification options available
  • Backed by a one-year limited warranty
  • 100% recyclable
External Dimensions (Outside Top)
Length 12.0" 304.8 mm
Width 7.0" 177.8 mm
Height 5.0" 127.0 mm
Internal Dimensions (Inside Bottom)
Length 9.5" 241.3 mm
Width 5.6" 142.2 mm
Useable Height 4.4" 111.8 mm
Volume 0.1 cu. ft. 2.8 l
Other Features
Tare Weight 1.1 lbs. 0.5 kg
53' Truck Capacity 11232

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