October 16, 2018

Keg Plastic Pallet


The beverage industry is busier than ever and with that comes the need for faster, more consistent distribution. Plastic pallets have proved that they are more than capable for the job but now we are seeing advances in the way that plastic pallets are made, which is opening doors to further possibilities.

Overall costs of using plastic pallets designed specifically for the beverage industry are greatly reduced in comparison to that of a standard wooden pallet for many reasons, such as their long working life, reduction in breakages and efficiency in the job they are designed for.

Presentation is key when your brand is delivering so by having clean, built
for purpose plastic pallets you are portraying the message that you care
about the quality of your products to your customers.

Irish Box Company Keg Plastic Pallet 2

The pallet above is a 1200 x 1000 pallet designed to take 50 litre Kegs.

This is a 1200 x 1000 pallet with anti slip strips that stop the goods slipping on the deck when being shipped. The other option we can provide with this pallet is our lid that eliminates the need for shrink-wrap.

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