August 30, 2018

One Tonne Potato Bin has arrived!


With the market always looking for a solution for storing Potato’s in a 1 tonne unit, we have come up with the answer. The 1400 litre vented storage bin.

One Tonne Potato Bin Irish Box Company
One Tonne Potato Bin
  • Dimension: 1300 x 1150 x 1250mm high
  • Base: Three runners
  • Weight: 68.5kg
  • Load Capacities:
  • Static 7000 kg so you can stack these units 7 high with one tonne
  • Dynamic 2000kg so can move two together
  • Racking 1000kg so full bin can go on racks

Benefits V’s Wooden

1. Easy to clean. Can be power washed. Wooden can't and can contain moisture and bacteria.
2. Excellent airflow. No real airflow in wooden bins. Good airflow helps crop to stay fresh longer
3. 100% recycled after use with a small residual value. Wooden no value.
4. No chance of contamination with splinters like wood.
5. Can be repaired and runners replaced.
6. Secure storage when stacked and can go 7 high. Wooden bins not very secure.

These are only some benefits and as you can see very good ones. Over time there would be a cost saving by changing and a payback. Also your carbon footprint improved.

One Tonne Potato Bin Irish Box Company 3
Here are the bins stacked.
One Tonne Potato Bin Irish Box Company 2

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