IBC’s new plastic pallet, BaYoPal® is designed for use in harsh industrial and logistics environments, and also works seamlessly on most automated handling systems. Offering maximized rigidity and safety, BaYoPal® is returnable, recyclable and repairable – a fundamental asset for companies committed to sustainable development.

Ease of repair and long life span
Repairs are fast, easy and low cost, according to Schoeller Allibert. The unique patented bayonet connection between the top deck and the runners ensures that shocks and potential misuse with pallet jacks will not damage either the runners or the deck. It is designed so that only the bayonet weak ring will break. BaYoPal® is 100 % recyclable at the end of its service life.
Ideal for internal and external logistics
The BaYoPal® pallet works seamlessly on most robotized handling systems. Silent on conveyors thanks to the design of its base runners, it is also available with a choice of 7 mm or 22 mm top rim to adapt it to all intralogistics and loading/unloading devices. BaYoPal® can also be specified with an optional anti-slip feature on the top deck and the fork entries, making the transportation handling of loads even safer. A 1500 kg unit load also ensures optimised truck loads, for efficient outbound logistics.
Industrial manufacturing, e-commerce and pooling pallet
Designed for use in harsh environments: BaYoPal® features a reinforced corner structure and a perforated top deck with a rib-web structure to provide maximum rigidity without the need of metal reinforcement. BaYoPal® is available in multiple variants to match the logistics requirements of all industrial sectors:
The smooth top deck easily accepts cardboard boxes,
– with a 5 mm high top rim to hold any kind of plastic containers,
– with a 22 mm high top rim version to hold empty upside-down euro containers,
Customization and tracking
BaYoPal® features locations for RFID tags and IOT beacons to ensure efficient tracking on demand. Large marking or engraving zones are located on all pallets to facilitate identification,allowing you to easily manage your fleet, guarantee your property and enhance the awareness of your brand.
The sturdy BaYoPal® pallet is equipped with three, five or six runners and is able to take up to 6000 kg static load, 1500 kg dynamic load and 1200 kg on pallet racks.

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