Wing Pallet for the Chemical Industry

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The P3. It was developed specifically for the chemical industry and tailored to its logistical challenges: minimizing the risk of damage to the load as well as designing a trouble-free flow of goods. The Eco P3 is a consistent further development of the standard wooden pallet CP 7 for the chemical industry - with all the advantages of a plastic pallet.

Thanks to its wing design with the top extending beyond the runners and feet of the pallet, it offers an extra large support surface and makes it easier to transport bags. So more can be transported - even on smaller conveyors.

The six extra wide runners of the Eco P3 have a stabilizing effect when block-stacking and ensure smooth transport via roller and chain conveyors.
The wing design also facilitates more stable packing of the product with stretch film and offers forklift trucks the option of lifting the pallet at additional points. TheP3 has the same dimensions (1300 x 1100 x 150 mm) as the wooden pallet CP 7, but it is significantly lighter at only 12 kg and thus offers an attractive price-performance ratio. At the same time, it is free of splintering and sharp edges and protects the bags stacked in this manner against abrasion and damage.

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